How to get started

Get financing for your project
Step 1: List a project

We recommend that you create a dedicated account under which you list the project, that will allow you to keep your funds separated from your personal trading activities. Once you logged on, select "Projects" from the menu then "My projects". The button "List new project" will guide you to the project creation form. Fill in the form, and press "Create project". You are done.

Note, before you can go ahead and create a project listing, we will need to have a verified account. See Verification for details. In addition you will require

  • Your project must have a website with an own domain
  • The registration of a new project must be made with an email address from that domain.
  • The listing on Cryptostocks must be mentioned on the Website.

Step 2: Issue shares

You have listed your project, now issue new shares. From the project list select the icon to issue shares. On the share issue overview screen select "Issue new Shares", fill in the form and click on "Issue shares". Issuing shares will deposit them into your account. Take note that when you pay out dividends, the shares in the account of the project owner are not entitled to receive dividends.

Step 3: Sell shares

Go to the trading section and place your share sale. Enter the ticker symbol, the number of shares you want to issue and the sales price. Once you entered the project code, the screen will automatically update with a historical trading chart, past order exections and your curren open orders.

Step 4: Withdraw the Bitcoins recieved from the share sale.

Trade shares in the listed projects

Deposit Bitcoins in your account and place your buy or sell orders.

Transfer shares

You can transfer shares that you own to any other user. This transfer is without any value flow, i.e. it does not participate in the orderbook of the exchange.

Create a Listing

You will need to get authorized by us to list a project, in order to be authorized your project requires to

  • have a domain
  • have a website and ideally mention on it somewhere that you are seeking funds on Cryptostocks
  • The user with which you want to register the project needs to be of that domain, e.g. your website is then your user ID's email must be something ending with
If you are unsure whether or not your project will pass our review then send us your planned contract first and let us comment on it before you go and create a domain and a website.

To create a new listing go to the menu "Projects", select "My projects" and click on the button "List new project". Enter the required information and press the button "Create project". After that don't forget to issuer shares and put them up for sales. An explanation on the fields that require to be filled in:
The ticker is a unique short name for your project. It needs to be at least 3 and max. 9 characters long. You may use only letters and numbers. You may encounter the error message that the ticker is already taken but when you look through the project list you can't see that ticker. This is the case when the ticker had been in use before but the project has been delisted and removed from the exchange. In such cases the ticker will be reserved for one year before it can be reused.
The ticker cannot be changed once the project has been listed.
A long name for your project, must have between 6 and 40 characters. The name must be unique. It can be changed after a project has been listed.
Choose the currency in which the project is being traded and dividends paid out. This cannot be changed after the project has been listed.
Fee surcharge
This is a fee that will be charged during trading on top of the exchange's fee. E.g. if the exchange charges 0.15% and the surcharge fee is 0.1% then the total fee for the trade will be 0.25%. The collected fees are credited to the project issuer.
Project type
Two types of shares are supported, stocks and bonds. The main difference - from a system point of view - is that bonds can be bought back on initiation of the project issuer. Apart from that, the understood differences are as they are in real life:
Stocks: The share holders "own" the company, they are entitled to the profits of the company via dividend payments.
Bonds: The shares represent a credit to the project, which the project is to pay back as described in the contract. The share holders typically don't have voting rights.
This of course is a very simplified explanation, ensure to put all rights and obligations of all parties into the contract description.
Web Page

IPO Active Flag

After you have created your listing you have the option to set an "IPO active" flag which of course you can deactivate at any point in time. While this flag is set, no trader is allowed to place an order other than buy orders at the current lowest selling price. This allows you to prevent any trading during your initial defined IPO period.
You can always set this flag also at a later point in time, e.g. if you decide to do a second placement of shares and want to treat that in an IPO manner. Whenever the flag is activated, the system will automatically delete the current orderbook, hence allowing you to place your sell order.


All times are in UTC.


The term project is used as a synonym for the item for which you are issuing shares, paying dividends or trading it. It could be a a project, a business idea or anything else for which you are raising funds.

Public Shares

Public shares are shares not held by the issuer. Dividends are only paid to public shares.


The project owner can pay dividends to the shareholders, although dividends will not be paid to shares held by the project owner. Note when paying dividend, the Exchange's fee will be deducted from the total dividend then only the remaining amount will be distributed to the shareholders.


Share quantities

It is not possible to trade in fractions of shares.

Minimum Order Value

The minimum order value (number of shares * unitprice) must be greater or equal to 0.01 BTC. Orders smaller than this limit will not be accepted.

Partial Orderexecution

If after a partial order execution your remaining order value falls below the minimum order value required, then your remaining open order will be deleted automatically.

Transfer of shares

Project owners are able to transfer shares to other users. The share owner must enter the email address of the recipient for the shares to be transferred. Note that such transfers are irreversable. The purpose of such share transfers is to facilitate payments for shares in currencies other than the exchange is supporting. Take note that the exchange cannot be held responsible for any monetary transfers that are not executed via the exchange's services. The transfer of shares can be done on the "My Shares" tab of the "Project" menu.

Request for Votes

Project issuers can raise a request for vote. A RfV is a time limited question towards the share holders which can be voted either "yes" or "no". Anyone holding at least 1 share of the project is able to place their vote. Share holders can buy further shares or sell existing shares during the voting period. The exact owned shares at the end of the RfV will be used to determine the RfV result. I.e. if you place a vote and you posses 10 shares at that point in time but you sell 6 out of the 10 shares before the RfV expires, then your vote will only count for the 4 shares that you hold upon RfV expiration.
Technical details: The vote results will show latest 1 hour after the vote has expired.

Two factor authentication

Cryptostocks supports Yubikey to provide two factor authentication. In the user's settings menu, he can choose for which transactions a Yubikey one-time-password (OTP) is required.

What to do if I lost my Yubikey or I need to change my Yubikey?
  • We will delay the Yubikey update for 2 weeks. Why? This is to protect you incase your Cryptostocks as well as your email account have been compromised. Hence we give you two weeks to notify us in case your emaill account has been compromised, otherwise we assume that all communication to and from your email address is valid.
  • You need to logon to Cryptostocks web page from a similar (if not identical) IP address as you usually do. We will match the IP addresses to yur previous logins.
  • We might request you to provide us with additional identification such as ID/passport copies.
  • We reserve the right to further delay the Yubikey change if we have indicators that might suggest a compromised account
  • See the Fees page for the costs of this service

Offline Shares

Offline shares are shares that you are not holding in your online wallet on Cryptostocks. You will still be receiving dividends for shares held offline but you are not able to place sell orders for offline shares. In order to sell shares they need to be online, i.e. you need to bring them back online again.

When bringing shares offline you have the option to set an additional password (preferrably differnt from your login password). Once saved, you will be receiving a share ownership code. The code will be displayed on the screen as well as send to your email address. Do not loose the share ownerhsip code or your password. Restoring the shares without the share ownership code and the password is not possible.

The objectives of Offline Shares are:
  • Increase the security of your account. If your account gets compromised then your offline shares are save from being sold off.
  • Transfer shares between crowdfunding platforms (future feature)
What to do if I lost my share ownership code or my password? Contact customer support and we will help you to restore the shares, BUT:
  • We will delay the share restore for 2 weeks. Why? This is to protect you incase your Cryptostocks as well as your email account have been compromised. Hence we give you two weeks to notify us in case your emaill account has been compromised, otherwise we assume that all communication to and from your email address is valid.
  • You need to logon to Cryptostocks web page from a similar (if not identical) IP address as you usually do. We will match the IP addresses to yur previous logins.
  • We might request you to provide us with additional identification such as ID/passport copies.
  • We reserve the right to further delay the online restore if we have indicators that might suggest a compromised account
  • See the Fees page for the costs of this service

Shareholder lists

Project owners can generate shareholder lists, the lists will show the email address and the number of shares owned buy this email address. Only users who have the "disclose email" setting activated in their user setting will be shown. All other users will be lumped into one single line "Anonymous".
The shareholder lists may solely be used by the project owner for information (updates, news, marketing) related to their project only.


You can choose between Calls (buy) and Puts (sell). These allow you to protect your investments against falling prices or speculate on rising prices.

  • With Calls you grant the buyer of your option the right to buy from you shares of a project at the pre-defined price.
  • With Puts you guarantee the buyer of your option that you will buy from the buyer shares of a project at the predefined price.
The process of options works as follows, example based on a Call
  • Trader A issues (underwrites) a Call for 100 Shares of project AAA at a price of 0.02BTC/Share and a cost of 1 BTC. The system automatically deposits the 100 shares with the bank, hence the 100 shares become unavailable for Trader A till the option expires.
  • Trader B buys the Call. Trader B pays trader A the onetime fee of 1 BTC.
  • Trader B exercises the option, e.g. 5 shares. Trader A receives the purchasing price of 0.02BTC*5=0.1BTC. Trader B receives the 5 shares (from the deposit).
  • Once the option expires, the remaining deposit gets transferred back to trader A.

Delisting of Projects

Delisting a project is the process of terminating all services pertaining to a project.

Reasons for delisting

The Exchange may choose to delist a project for reasons such as (but not limited to):
  • violation of terms and conditions
  • very low trading volume, with very low trading volume defined as less than an equivalent of 10 USD in a period of 100 days.
  • fraud, scams, illegal activities
  • discretion of the Exchange

Consequences of delisting

Delisting a project is the process of ceasing all services the Exchange provides. The delisting does not affect the shareholdere's ownership of the projects shares. The project owner is not relieved of his responsibilities and duties due to the delisting. The delisting means that the Exchange will not further provide its trading platform to the project. It will be up to the project owner to provide alternative means of trading their shares (e.g. list on another exchange, provide an own platform, etc.).

Process of delisting

The Exchange will set a trade stop for the project and put up an announcement about the upcoming delisting. A project issuer can inquire and object the delisting, the Exchange shall provide in reasonable time an explanation on it's decision but it remains the Exchange's sole decision.
Upon delisting, the project issuer will receive from us an email with a list of shareholders email address, shareholders claim code and number of shares held. Shareholders can see their delisted shares under the menu “Account” - “Delisted shares”. This will list all required information to communicate with the project owner.

Advertisement on Main page

Project issuers can place an advertisement pertaining to their listed project for free on the main page. The issuer must provide the folllowing:

  • A PNG or JPG graphic, ideally of the size 870x300 pixels. We will automatically stretch/compress the picture to fit into 870x300 pixels.
  • A header text tht appears as the first line at the bottom of the graphic.
  • A detailed text that appears below the header text.
  • A written confirmation that neither the graphic nor the texts infringe on any copyrights of others.

Please note that:

  • This feature is experimental and might be cancelled without notice.
  • The Exchange reserves the right to reject graphics or texts if it deems them inappropriate, not-related, offensive or otherwise not fit for publishing.
  • The Exchange reserves the right to cancel an advertisement at its own merit.
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