18 July 2014New: Google authenticator and Yubikey can now be deactivated via email request, without having to go through the customer support.
7 July 2014Change: The feature of 'Trade-In' has been removed.
20 June 2014Change: The nunber of generated 2FA backup codes is reduced from 10 down to 5. Existing backup codes are not affected by this.
New: Button to regenerate a new set of 2FA backup codes has been added to the settings screen.
New: Underwriting options has been disabled. Options will no longer be supported. Existing options can still be traded, new options cannot be underwritten anymore
New: Separate section for news issued by the exchange, makes it easier to identify important announcements
Change: The functionality of share transfers has been removed. Only project owners will be able to transfer shares to other users.
New: The legend now shows the security's name for share transfer transactions
New: Added a BUY button to the info page of a project, allowing for a quick placement of orders
New: Show an info on the trade screen if the project selected has an active IPO flag.
1 June 2014Change: The length of 2FA backup codes has been increased from 6 to 10 digits. Existing backup codes are not affected by this.
1 Feb 2014New: 'IPO active' flag and feature implemented. Allows to prevent trading during defined period of time. See help for details.
Change: Formatting changes to the charts.
8 Jan 2014New: Project owners can now generate shareholder lists, they show email address and number of shares owned. Users can chose whether or not to disclose their email address in shareholder reports in their user settings. All existing users will be defaulted to 'deactive', new users will be defaulted to 'active'
13 Nov 2013Bugfix:Regenerating GA codes now works again.
11 Nov 2013Change: Coin balances show now with 6 decimal places
Change: Simple Wysiwyg editor for announcements and security contracts
Change: Shareprices now allow for 6 decimal places
Change: New API function get_securities_info. This allows to retrieve multiple security's info with one API call.
Bugfix: The total order value is now updated on the order screen when clicking on the orderbook price or quantity.
Info: API documentation updated (no feature change, it has not been documented before), check the comments about caching of values
Bugfix: Currency on summary info screen of dividend payments was always showing BTC regardless of actual security currency.
Bugfix: Graph is now showing the total volume of the time period instead of the volume of the last trade.
28 Oct 2013Google Authenticator implemented
eMail notifications can be customized in user settings
4 Jan 2012Display your listed projec's advertisement on our home page for free.
3 Jan 2012Security issuers are able to add a trading surcharge to their assset.
24 Dec 2012Security issuer can initiate a time limited trade stop.
22 Dec 2012Revised project listing screen released
19 Dec 2012Added total order value to trading screen
16 Dec 2012New charts
10 Dec 2012Full trading API released
9 Dec 2012Option functionality released
9 Dec 2012Enhanced legend to show all paid dividends
30 Nov 2012User setting now allows to change the name
29 Nov 2012Bug fixed that previously allowed to register incorrect YubiKeys
20 Nov 2012Two new API calls: get_orderbook, get_history_last_50
20 Oct 2012New functionality: Trade-In of shares
5 Oct 2012Functionality of Offline Shares released. See Help for details.
5 Oct 2012Added 2nd market tab to show market capitalization based on last trading price
29 Sep 2012Security issuers can post announcements pertaining to their security.
Security issuers can initiate "Request for Votes".
Deactivated the ENTER key on the trade form, the ENTER key had led to acciddental posting of orders when users pressed ENTER instead of TAB when moving from field to field.
Added hyperlink on available shares in share balance box on the right of the screen. The hyperlink jumps to the trading page and defaults the ticker.
Added hyperlink on ticker in share balance box on the right of the screen. The hyperlink jumps to the security informations page.
Changed the sequence of available vs. account balance. It was previously showing first balance then available balance, now it is switched.
Security Rating system introduced. See here for more information.
Two factor authentication implemented, based on Yubikey.
The page "My shares" no longer displays shares for securities that the user himself has issued.
31 Aug 2012New feature: Transfer shares from user to user
22 Aug 2012User specific timezone setting implemented
22 Aug 2012Twitter feed implemented, check us out at
19 Aug 2012Two more API calls released: get_list_of_securities and get_dividend_for_security. See for details
19 Aug 2012Redmine Plugin to retrieve Cryptostocks security information. Source at
17 Aug 2012RSS feed available at
15 Aug 2012Support for Litecoins (LTC) and Devcoins (DVC) released
15 Aug 2012Most of the site translated into German
14 Aug 2012Fixed the issue with the recaptcha nor apearing on some browsers
25 Jul 2012Functionality for managing bonds released
24 Jul 2012Legend format enhanced, now showing amounts and quantities in separate columns
15 Jul 2012Interactive orderbook implemented. Click on price or quantity in the orderbook to set your order entry values
14 Jul 2012API call get_security_info released
07 Jul 2012Fixed the missing graphic display on Internet Explorer 8 and earlier
29 Jun 2012The Exchange has opened for trading
20 Jun 2012Provide expiration date for all trades. Default is 30 days from today but can be changed by the user to any other date
24 Jun 2012Added eMail notification for dividend payments
23 Jun 2012Added eMail notification for order executions
21 Jun 2012Show Average buy as well as gain/loss information on "My Shares" tab of "Securities"
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Trading Volume

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30 day volume0.02
Market cap.4,632.34
7 day volume0.00
30 day volume0.00
Market cap.2,849.20
7 day volume10,109.50
30 day volume272,807.60
Market cap.20,863,149.21
Total in BTC
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30 day volume0.02
Market cap.4,643.33