Ticker SBFS - Scharmbeck Fee Shares
Date 04 Jan 22:22
Scharmbeck Regular Dividends
Happy New Year, Worldcoin!

With the launch of beta testing on 20 December 2013, interim dividend distributions have concluded.  Regular Scharmbeck dividends will now be paid at the end of each month.  Scharmbeck fee revenue from the final week of December will be rolled-over into the January 2014 dividend distribution.

We are pleased to announce that due to innovative efforts of the Fee Revenue Development Team, it is looking like January will have a very healthy dividend payment, and we look forward to many more of these in the future!
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7 day volume3.43
30 day volume9.46
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30 day volume0.00
Market cap.2,645.50
7 day volume355,730.76
30 day volume3,442,546.40
Market cap.458,307,075.18
Total in BTC
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30 day volume9.70
Market cap.9,240.03