Cryptostocks will seize its service on 30.04.2017

The platform will remain operational till that date. Please withdraw all your funds before the deadline. Withdrawals after 30.4.2017 are processed manually and will incur a fee of 0.1 BTC per transaction. Regarding questions about the securities, we ask you to contact the security issuer, they will be receiving all needed shareholder details. The website will be taken down on 1.6.2017

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Trading Volume

7 day volume0.01
30 day volume0.04
Market cap.4,649.32
7 day volume0.00
30 day volume0.00
Market cap.2,849.20
7 day volume1,550.00
30 day volume160,372.18
Market cap.80,603,807.25
Total in BTC
7 day volume0.01
30 day volume0.05
Market cap.4,685.12